• Interest is calculated at either fixed or prime-linked rates
  • The goods must be fully insured during the agreement


The benefits of leasing accrue mainly if you're using the item for business, or in the generation of income.
  • Rentals can be claimed as expense against tax
  • You don't need to own the asset to use it
  • You avoid tying up working capital
  • Stepped payments, inflated rentals and other structures can be tailored to your needs
  • The deposit percentage and repayment period can be negotiated to suit you

Optional Features
Consider taking the following option with your finance package:
  • Take-a-Break

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Price Range:

Between R and R


Between and


Between and

These insurance options are also available:

  • Extra Cover-Deposit Protector
  • McCarthy Client Protection Scheme
  • McSure Mechanical Breakdown
  • Motor Comprehensive Insurance

Suited To
This type of agreement will suit you if:
  • You are using the asset to generate income; or
  • You want to claim the expense against tax; or
  • You own a business or receive a car allowance

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