This infographic shows you exactly how much fuel your Mitsubishi saves you

Your Mitsubishi is so much more than just a pretty face. It can also save you money. Lots of money, and in an area prone to sudden, painful hikes in price. The infographic below tells you how much combined MPG (Miles Per Gallon) each Mitsubishi model gets you. You combined MPG is the average rate of fuel consumption, taking into account driving in the city and on highways, and also lets you know what your emissions will be. As you can see, Mitsubishi really does provide you with more bang for your buck!

Mitsubishi: Making the Most of Your MPG


Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV EVOLUTION Vision Gran Turismo in action (VIDEO)

If there ever was a game that covers what it really feels like to be one with your vehicle, it would be Gran Turismo. If there ever was a car that made you feel the same in real life, it would be the Mitsubishi. It's no surprise then that watching the two cross over is truly a sight to behold, even if it is confined to the small screen - for now,at least.


Upcoming Mitsubishi Mirage receives top award

A mirage may be defined as something “illusory, without substance or reality”, but there is nothing fake about the Mitsubishi Mirage. Only due to be released in 2015, the Mirage has already scooped a top award from reputable online website The Mirage has received the prestigious label of being the most affordable car to buy, which takes into account both the initial and running costs of various car brands across the market.  "When we considered the most affordable cars, it was important that we looked only at models equipped with basic but important options like an automatic transmission and power windows and locks," says Joe Wiesenfelder,'s Executive Editor. "More often than not, entry-level cars with the lowest sticker prices are equipped with…little to no additional features. We wanted to help consumers who want an incredibly affordable car to find one that also includes the niceties that almost every shopper has come to expect."  Closer to home, the bu ...

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Watch a three year old steal a Mitsubishi (VIDEO)

This European advert with a 3 year old driving a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6 is obviously fake, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun to watch.


We put you in the driver’s seat of a Mitsubishi on a Pike’s Peak Run (VIDEO)

A few weeks ago we gave you the low down on the Pikes Peak hillclimb – one of the most challenging rides in the world, which was undertaken in a 600-horsepower electric Mitsubishi MiEV Evolution III. The driver of the Mitsubishi, Greg Tracy, set the pole with a time of 3:48.208. As predicted, Tracy beat his previous record for this category of 9 minutes and 46.530 seconds, finishing just 2.4 seconds behind the fastest car participating - a Norma Le Mans prototype. Considering that the 12.42 mile, 156-turn race has claimed the lives of several cars, Mitsubishi performance in the race is incredibly impressive. What's more, Mitsubishi's other MiEV Evolution III came in second in this division and third overall at minutes and 12.204 seconds.



This bike gang confronting a Mitsubishi Driver has an unexpected ending (VIDEO)

It's no secret that Mitsubishi Drivers are a breed apart. After all, the brand does stand for "Shoji Komei", which can be translated as Integrity and Fairness. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Russian video which is going viral on Youtube. In the video, a motorcyclist travelling as part of a gang clips the vehicle of a couple driving past, a grey Mitsubishi sedan. Both groups stop and confront each other, with a ending you probably won't see coming.


More praise for the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

You already love it for its high powered 2.5 litre Enhanced Variable Common Rail Geometry Turbocharger diesel engine, Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution Body Construction and separate rear controlled full automatic air-conditioning. Having won the 2012 'Off-roader of the year award' from BBC’s Top Gear, the Pajero Sport has been a firm public favourite for many years.  Never one to rest on their laurels, Mitsubishi is currently thinking up new ways to make the Pajero Sport even more of an amazing car than it is. It is rumoured that future Pajero Sports for sale will be receiving a new automatic gearbox which uses a five-speed INVECS-II system with Sportronic function to send power to all four wheels. This comes hot on the heels of Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America’s announcement of plans to integrate an in-home wireless network on wheels called FLEXConnect, a revolutionary new information and entertainment audio-video bridging system. This new system will feature 10-inch, 720-pixel s ...

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Mitsubishi to tackle Pikes Peak

  The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is the second oldest motor sports race in America. This year, it celebrates its 91st birthday with another go at the 12.42 mile course, which features 156 turns that begin at 9,390 feet and finish at the 14,115 foot summit of Pikes Peak Mountain. The race is a grueling one, as the high altitude the race occurs at has thinner air, slowing driver reflexes and muscle strength, as well as robbing engines of 30% of their power at the summit. This means that both the competitors and their vehicles must be in top shape simply to finish, let alone win. This hasn’t put off fans, some of whom spend months of time and money preparing for participation. This year, Mitsubishi has announced that it will take on the Climb for the third time ever in an all-electric vehicle. 2 MiEV Evolution III race cars will participate. This year’s entries boast 50kW more power and a lighter chassis, as well as traction improving torque-vectoring software, and a fibre bodyshell ...

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Gran Turismo, Mitsubishi style

Grand Turismo has long enthralled petrolheads all over the world in need of a speed fix from the comfort of the couch. You don’t get more realistic comes to depicting simulated driving, which boils down to the game’s reliance on real world physics principles which make every jolt and turn completely believable. Another factor in the game’s realism is its use of actual licenced vehicles, all of which are captured in painstaking detail, for maximum affect. Mitsubishi will be making an appearance in the upcoming Gran Turismo 6, as the Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV Evolution Vision Gran Turismo – developed for the game by the companies actual Advanced Vehicle Research and Development Group and the Aerodynamic Engineering Development Group, and is loosely based in the Concept XR-PHEV.  With features such as 20 forged-alloy rims, an all-carbon fibre monocoque, a Plug-in Hybrid EV programme, eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, as well as electronic vehicle dynamics control systems, you ...

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Mitsubishi celebrates a delicious weekend

If you don’t have anything planned for this weekend and you’re in the Johannesburg, why not check out the 2014 Mitsubishi sponsored Delicious Festival? The event is rapidly selling out, which will come as no surprise seeing as last years event attracted over 20 000 party goers. The event is suitable for the whole family, and will be held in the picturesque Emmarentia Dam area on Saturday the 31 May.  Entertainment will be provided by three headlining music acts from the United Kingdom – the Brand New Heavies, Soul II Soul and Incognito. Local performances will come courtesy of Jeremy Loops, Goldfish, Lulo Café, Ricardo Da Costa, DJ Kent, Euphonik, Household Funk and Harael Salkow.  There will be an artisanal food market for fans of niche foods, and international chefs such as Rachel Khoo (BBC Lifestyle), Siba Mtongana and Jenny Morris (Food Network) will be present, showcasing their culinary talent to the public. Child friendly entertainment will come courtesy of a DSTV ho ...

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