Planning on buying a new Mitsubishi Pajero? Now you can look forward to getting an all new benefits plan with it! Mitsubishi has introduced Mitsubishi Care, a plan specifically for looking after new Pajero buyers for the first five years of ownership – all completely for free! Research has shown that when looking for a new luxury sport-utility vehicle, personalised services only serve to enhance an automotive experience!

New Pajero owners can look forward to a wide range of perks, such as pre-emptive scheduling of car services, notifications when your Pajero’s battery is low and the free use of high-end courtesy vehicles for when your Pajero is not available. There will also be access to an exclusive website and smartphone application, where drivers will be able to review and managing their driving styles and benefit from specific awards. It will also allow users to track vehicle locations on a real-time map that provides live traffic updates; receive alerts on harsh acceleration, braking and cornering and over-speeding; create time rules and set geo-zones for safety purposes; and access insurance certificates quickly and easily. Included in this package is Impact Notification and Mitsubishi Roadside Assistance, in addition to the usual three-year/100 000km warranty and five-year/100 000km maintenance plan (with intervals of 10 000km).

According to Mitsubishi Motors South Africa COO Wynand Pretorius, "Pajero remains the epitome of ultimate off-road ability meeting urban comfort and practicality, and appeals to trend-conscious customers. Mitsubishi Care will fulfil a specific customer need and will set Mitsubishi and Pajero apart from its competitors in the luxury SUV segment of the local market. We know we have a winning formula with Pajero. This initiative merely provides us with a platform to increase the value we are able to offer our customers and affords us the opportunity to interact with them on a more regular basis”.